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The Montessori method has been making inroads into Nigeria in small pockets for several decades and in the last decade has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. However, it is yet to be well represented at gatherings of education stake holders in Nigeria.

In 2007, AMEN was birthed, spearheaded by Mrs. Adebola Atoyebi of Heritage House Montessori School and teacher education program. Working with other like- minded professionals, it kicked off  with an inaugural meeting and a lecture. However, there was a lull in the activities of the organization until recently, when Montessorians were once again confronted with the need to work as a unit. The organization is being re-birthed, with a new executive.


  • AMEN is a non-governmental organization.
  • AMEN is an organization of interested Montessorians, for Montessorians by Montessorians.
  •  No individual has ownership.
  •  The organization will be led by elected qualified officials, who will serve in various capacities for specified terms.
  •  All processes will be democratic. All interested members will be eligible to vote.


AMEN will serve individuals as well as institutions, and will provide services that recognize the diversity in both.

At the individual level, this includes:

  • Parents, caregivers, therapists and other professionals who work with children in a Montessori school but have no Montessori training.
  • Teaching staff and assistant working in a Montessori classroom without full Montessori certificate.
  • Person undergoing Montessori training.
  • Montessori certified teachers (guides).

At the institution level, this includes:

  • Schools with no Montessori implementation but interested in beginning the process.
  • Schools with partial/full Montessori implementation.
  • Montessori teacher education programs.
  • Vendors of educational resources for the Montessori environment.


AMEN offers the following to its members:

  • An ongoing year –round program of regional meetings, workshops and further training opportunities.
  • A co–ordinated public and media relations campaign to promote public awareness of Montessori education
  • A central information resource through our office and website
  • An annual national Montessori Conference.
  • Access to all AMEN publications. (Individual/Institutions).
  • Use of AMEN organizational Logo, in accordance with relevant policies.


You can get involved by not just encouraging us to keep up the good work but also by

  •  Joining the Association.
  • Attend meetings and conference.
  •  Vote on decision making.
  • Contribute suggestions and ideas in writing or through the website.
  • Keep your schools information up to date in the AMEN database.


  • To provide an avenue for collaboration and support amongst Montessori practitioners across Nigeria.
  • To establish standards and guidelines for quality assurance in AMEN recognized training institutions across the nation.
  • To establish and promote the Montessori method throughout Nigeria as a strong alternative to traditional education, and also to correct the ills currently plaguing our educational system.
  • To uphold the rights of the child in the society, and make known the child’s importance for the progress of civilization.
  • To form partnerships and collaborate with Montessori organizations across the world.
  • To engender government recognition of the principals of Montessori education and acceptance of the different implementation.

Our Team

yemi_salakoMs. Yemi Salako holds a degree in Business Administration and a diploma in Business and Finance from the University of Westminster, London U.K. She worked as the Administrator of a Montessori school and shortly after became a franchise owner of an after-school program that assists children ages 5-18yrs in core subjects –English and Math. Over the years, her love for and experience with children unfolded her concern that a child’s academic foundation is important. This fueled her passion to contribute to a much needed change in the Nigerian educational system and instigated her training in Montessori. She took a Montessori certification in early child hood from North American Montessori Center in Canada and pursued her passion. She is the Executive Director of Explorer Montessori School. She is served as the interim secretary of the Association of Montessori Educators of Nigeria (AMEN) from 2010 – 2011.

mrs_adewoleMrs. Bolanle Adewole is an enthusiastic Montessori educator.
She certified in the theory and practice of the primary Montessori methods from St. Nicholas Montessori Centre, London in March 1996. She further obtained Lower and Upper Montessori Elementary certification from North American Montessori Centre, Canada in 2007 and 2013 respectively. Mrs. Adewole is also a qualified Applied Behaviour Analyst.

She has passionately worked with diverse communities of children for two decades and has extensively served them on three continents, namely Europe, North America and Africa.

She believes in child centred education with a focus on individual and unique development of the child. She advocates for no child to be left behind and for every child to be given an equal opportunity to learn and attain full potential. She is an Autism awareness campaigner and engages in the fluent integration of the differently able into mainstream schools. She participates in various charitable outreaches to improve the lives of children from indigent families as well as children with special needs.

She engages in public speaking activities and attends enriching educational courses and conferences to date.

She belongs to Professional bodies including American Montessori Society (AMS), International Montessori Council (IMC), Association of Montessori Educators in Nigeria (AMEN.), and Autism Society in the United States.

Bolanle is happily married and is blessed with two sons.

moiBola Kalejaiye is a second career educator whose initial career was in Information Technology.

She is Montessori certified for early childhood (2.5 to 6) and trained for ages 6 to 12. She is the founder and principal of Discovery House Montessori School Lekki, the Executive Director of Disch Montessori Center, and a consultant to Montessori schools on authentic Montessori practice, educational environment design and teacher capacity development. She is also the founder of Mindscapes Children's Museum.

Kemi-Aluko2Mrs Fadekemi Olumide-Aluko is the Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the Association of Montessori Educators of Nigeria (AMEN) and the Head of School at the Toddler Tree Nursery School & Educational Consultants. She is a certified Montessori Directress with over 16 years of Montessori teaching and teacher-training experience both within and outside Nigeria.

She has a distinction-graded masters degree in International Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Leeds UK, a bachelors degree in Law (Ibadan) and a diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education from the College of Modern Montessori, Johannesburg SA (also distinction graded).

Mrs Olumide-Aluko serves on the Board of Governors of Grange School. She is also an author. Her works include the English National Curriculum (ENC) Creative Writing handbook, ‘Rules for Writing Champions’ and a teenage motivational book titled, ‘Pearls for my Daughter’.